Hello! Welcome to our "red" 2010 website, but note this is NOT the new website we will turn on in a while! THAT one will be VERY special! We are working on a new IDMA website that will include the IDMA Preferred Provider Network, the IDMA Digital Media Gallery, and so much more. We also invite you to sign up for our new IDMA PDF Newsletter. In it you will find important information about publishing in the digital age. 

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Welcome Sony Creative Software!

Special Deals for IDMA members!

We're proud to have SCS - Sony Creative Software join us as an IDMA Silver Sponsor. Please click through to their page for more information on BluPrint, BluCode, and On-Q Create!...

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New Blogs!

New IDMA bloggers!

IDMA is proud to introduce our newest bloggers, David Fein, and Chip E. David's Digital Breakthroughs advises on new technology items and trends, and Chip E.'s blog, Your DIgital Samurai well, you have to read it to appreciate it!  Both are in our INFO menu, i...

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First BDA Certified testing lab

IDMA members BluFocus Inc, an advanced testing and certification facility, announced it has established the first, and currently only, Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) approved Testing Center in the United States for Movie Player Verification. ...

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Confused about Blu-ray? Don't be

Demystify Blu-ray...

IDMA Chairman Jim Taylor, along with Michael Zink, Chris Armbrust, and Chuck Crawford will "demystify" the Blu-ray format for you. ...

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Interested in Blu-ray? Start here!

Ease into Blu-ray on the Macintosh

If you use a Macintosh, here's a good place to start your Blu-ray journey: "Fast Path to Blu-ray for Mac" from IDMA President Bruce Nazarian is a simple to navigate PDF e-book outlining all the steps to make successful Blu-ray discs using ANY Blu-ray capable Mac application. Click R...

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A note of caution about BD replication
This note is NOT for those of you who have already successfully authored BD-ROM titles for replication - it's for everyone ELSE who visits this website, who may not yet have dug deeply into the BD format's stringent requirements.

While the AACS changes currently underway may make it financially more affordable for new authors to produce for Blu-ray replication a word of caution is in order: Just because you own a Blu-ray authoring tool doesn't mean you can make a replicatable Blu-ray Disc.  Read on for more...

(and If you are interested in replicating BD, we'd like to know who you are -
visit www.easybludisc.com , and let us know about you. 

UNLIKE DVD, the BD format's requirements for successful replication involve more than just the ability to make a recordable BD.

The first hurdle is creating a usable BD CMF volume, which some authoring tools already do, and some new products like BluStreakPremaster can do by converting a BDMV folder to CMF.

But in addition to the need to create a BD CMF volume, there are specific stream requirements that make many "desktop" encoders unsuitable for creating compliant AVC streams (to give due, some DO make usable MPEG-2 HD streams).

BUT TOOLS like BluStreak Premaster that convert volumes do NOT convert streams from non-compliant to compliant for BD-ROM.

In short, it's NOT as simple a workflow as you may think at first glance. It's NOT impossible to do, but it's NOT quite as simple as DVD has become in recent years, and not as simple as you may think it SHOULD be, based on DVD's example.

So - a few words of warning:
KNOW THE BEAST, before you attempt to make a BD-ROM for a client -
TALK to your replicators, understand the delivery requirements, and the differences between making BD-R and BD-ROM.  BEWARE of the lurking landmines - they are costly.

The IDMA is currently developing a website specifically to help independent Blu-ray Producers who would like to replicate. We're negotiating with replicators for aggressive BD-ROM pricing, and to provide a fast path to retail-ready product, which is what many indies need.

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